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The Where, What & Why Of Cartridge Filtration

Cartridge filters are modular in nature and can be applied to remove debris from a wide range of liquids. They consist of either a screen or a pleated fabric to filter solids from flowing liquid, trapping sediment and even certain chemicals in the process.

Two types of cartridge filter that can be applied are surface and depth filters. The surface variant involves the retention of particles on the media surface, forming a layer of material for increased productivity. The depth option, on the other hand, uses multi-layered media that forms a twisted path that traps and retains debris.

Making The Right Choices

The production process for cartridge filters has a direct connection to the micron size of the filter bag. A larger micron size means a higher flow capacity. Some applications, however, necessitate the filtering of minute particles as small as bacteria, and this can lead to frequent issues with clogging. For this reason, it is essential to establish the kind of filtration you need before investing in a particular type or size of filter.

Versatile & Effective

Cartridge filters are well-known for their diversity, and their adaptability can make them beneficial to almost any industry. There are many applications for which these filters are suitable; think cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and even electric utilities. They are also very user-friendly and easy to maintain.

Cartridge filters are ideal for industries that require ultra-pure filtration because there are filters with sub 1 micron sizes available. In terms of cost, there is plenty of variation with cartridge filters. They can be extremely affordable or almost prohibitively expensive. All in all, cartridge filters are the perfect choice for numerous applications and uses, so it will not be difficult to find one that meets the individual needs of your industry.

The Nitty Gritty

Cartridge filters are typically used for the removal of solid particulate from liquids. They are suitable for many commercial and industrial environments, but there is a great deal of diversity that you will need to find your way through to zero in on the perfect option. You need to understand your personal filtration needs, and European Filter Solutions is here to help. We have a comprehensive range of solutions available that can meet even the most specific of requirements and we can help you find the right solution to keep you going efficiently and effectively.