CNC Machine Cleaning Service

Now available from a leading UK filter supplier

Maintaining a clean and healthy coolant system for your CNC machines is not only a legal requirement for health and safety, but it is also a very effective way to increase tool life, cutter speeds and machine life, helping you to keep employees safe and to increase profitability.

CNC coolant


  • Keep up to date with your legal requirements
  • Help to prevent skin irritation
  • Help to increase tool life
  • Help to increase cutter feeds and speeds
  • Help to extend machine life
  • Reduce and remove tramp oil

Who likes to clean out a coolant tank?

Let’s face it, cleaning out a coolant tank is not a nice job and very few of us look forward to it, especially if you’re carrying out a deep clean. But we all know how important it is for employee safety, legal records and improved machining.

dirty coolant tank

There’s a better way to do it…

European Filter Solutions Service Division are now offering a full clean out service for your CNCs.

Why use European Filter Solutions Ltd

  • We will discuss with you exactly what your requirements for the cleanout will be, so everyone is clear on what needs to be done for customer satisfaction.
  • We have personnel with over 20 years experience in carrying out this type of work to a very high standard.
  • Specialist equipment to make the job fast and efficient, allowing your employees to do other essential work.
  • Will meet reporting procedures as legally required by HSE and will also include photographs taken during the cleaning procedure.
CNC coolant

Our cleaning process includes:

  • Pump out the old coolant
  • Analyse the coolant for quality
  • Remove trapped swarf and debris from sump and channels
  • Clean sump tank and conveyor
  • Flush the coolant system with additive
  • Check for leaks
  • Filter coolant (if re-using) and check concentration and bacteria
  • Refill coolant tank
  • Check CNC coolant filters and strainers
  • Replace coolant filters and strainers if required (optional extra)
  • Check hydraulic filters and replace if required (optional extra)
  • Fit a C-Thru© Separator to remove tramp oil (optional extra)
  • Fill out your legal documents to keep you in line with MW5 COSHH
  • CNC Coolant filtration systems inline and offline

For further details on our new service
please get in touch with our technicians at European Filter Solutions.

+44(0)1709 877400