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Vacuum Dehydrator (WPRS)

The Dehydrator is designed to maximise water removal and achieve an overall water content down to as low as 20 ppm. The unit will also remove solid particulate contamination, as well as harmful gasses, which will result in a CLEAN and  DRY fluid.

The Dehydrator uses high efficiency rated filter media β͓ ©>1000 per ISO I6889, achieving the desired cleanliness codes for each system.

The Dehydrator will effectively remove entrained air and gasses from the fluid, which includes Benzene, Methane,H2S etc.(flair adaptable for H2S).

Typical flow rates range from 7-370 L/min and can be used in a wide range of applications, where Gear oils, hydraulic oils, Phosphate Ester fluids and insulating oils are the working fluid is applied .

Cleaner fluid will save time and money, eliminating the headache of reduced productivity.

NLOFT Explosion Proof 5GPM

Optional Features

  • Custom Design
  • Foam Sensor
  • Particle Monitor
  • Various Voltage and Frequencies
  • Automatic water purge

Typical Applications

  • Power Generation

  • Pulp & Paper

  • Marine

  • Steel Mills

  • Injection Moulding

Feature Benefit
Rotary Claw Vacuum Pump, which requires Higher CFM, maximising water removal
Variable Frequency Drive Versatility on high viscosity fluids and Cold oil applications
Electrical Phase reversal Switch Eliminates the need to physically change the rotation of electric motors
Anti- wear media Vacuum Tower media never has to be replaced, eliminating costly element usage
Low watt Density Heater Prevents coking of oil and additives damage
Positive displacement Gear Pump Self priming with adjustable Relief Valve
Various micro glass elements media to ISO 16889 High Efficiency elements rated Βx©>1000

High Vacuum Transformer Oil Conditioning Unit

The High Vacuum Transformer Oil Conditioning Unit is multi- purpose, with a high Kw low density heater and a 2-stage vacuum pump with booster. The unit will produce dry Transformer oil, by removing water content down to 10ppm or lower.

Optional Features

  • Custom Design
  • Doble Domino Moisture Sensor

  • Digital Particle Monitor

  • Nema 7 applications
  • Various Voltage and Frequencies
  • Multi stage particle filtration

  • Acid removal
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Standard Features

  • Two-stage Rotary Claw Vacuum Pump, with booster
  • Dual Variable Frequency Drive
  • Coalesce Vacuum tower media
  • Phase reversal switch
  • Incoloy Low watt Density Heater
  • Positive displacement Gear Pumps
  • Digital flow meter and totalizer
  • Various micro glass elements media to ISO 16889

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