Contamination Control System (Eaton CCS5)

Elevating contamination monitoring, Eaton’s Filtration Division presents the CCS 5, a state-of-the-art mobile contamination control solution. This system is adept at both pressurized online operations and unpressurized fluid sampling. With the CCS 5, users can instantly and accurately gauge hydraulic fluids’ solid contamination distribution, water saturation, and temperature in real-time.

CCS5 product
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Key Features

  • 7” color touch screen that works with gloves
  • Lithium polymer battery
  • Battery charge lasts 50% longer in suction mode over previous model
  • Protection classes: IP 54 with cover open, IP 67 with cover closed
  • Automated measurement cycles
  • Precise evaluation of contamination classes according to ISO4406:99, NAS 1638 and SAE AS 4059
  • Measure and monitor contamination class, water saturation, temperature and theoretical water content (ppm)
  • Optical particle counting via laser sensor

The Next Level In Contamination Monitoring

The CCS 5 quickly and accurately determines the solid contamination particle size distribution, water saturation, and fluid temperature of your fluid. The system can be used both in pressurized inline operation and unpressurized sampling of fluids. The CCS 5 will allow you to establish a baseline and monitor your systems fluid health to detect problems early. Detecting a problem early and correcting it will prevent further system damage and save money from repairs and costly downtime.

CCS5 Earth Moving Machine