Thermal Disinfection of Coolant Lubricants

Now available from leading UK filter supplier European Filter Solutions Ltd.

Those engaged in working with coolant lubricants will be familiar with a particular issue that surfaces when entering the production hall in the morning – a pungent odour emanates due to the coolant in one of the tooling machines having deteriorated.

This unpleasant situation is commonly attributed to microorganisms, specifically fungi and bacteria, thriving in the coolant. Notably, water-soluble coolants are more susceptible to these microorganisms, with their prevalence intensifying
in warmer conditions, especially during the summer and in regions with higher temperatures.

In addition to the offensive odour, bacteria and fungi yield undesirable consequences by diminishing the efficiency of the coolant, thereby impairing its overall performance. Occasionally, fungal threads and mucus bacteria obstruct pipes and tubes.

Dirty Coolant

Recognising the need for targeted maintenance, it becomes evident that proactive care is essential to preserve the coolant’s performance over an extended period and consequently prolonging its lifespan. This approach translates into substantial cost savings by:

  • Reducing the amount of coolant purchased

  • Reduction in disposal costs

  • Reduced machine downtime during coolant replacement.

Treatment Example Image
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So what should you use to do these treatments?
Introducing the Thermo-EK

Thermo EK
  • Mobile and independent
  • 5 litres of coolant throughput per minute
  • Heat recovery
  • Intake temperature control
  • Significant savings on coolant and disposal
  • Disinfection of coolant during full production
  • In general, no chemistry and no biocides necessary
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Working volume disinfection 300 litres coolant/hour
Temperature disinfection ~ 65-70°C
Temperature intake (from coolant bath) 30-50°C
Temperature return Max. 50°C
Type of current 3P-N-PE / 400V / 50Hz / 16A
Power consumption 5 KW, 4 KW average power consumption due to heat recovery
Filtration to protect the unit 25 μm for suction from emulsion tank
Dimensions 920 x 480 x 450 mm
Weight (empty) ~ 55 kg
Noise Level < 70 dBA
Coolant shortage control Standard
Connector cable 7.5 metres
Hoses Suction hose 5 metres, Return hose 5 metres
Chassis in custom colour Option 1000WF

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