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Eaton Filtration

For advice and sales on Eaton Filters, Eaton Strainers and Eaton Baskets give our technical team a call today, they can guide you to the right Eaton Filter product and provide any advice you may need.

Eaton filtration combines worldwide engineering and a manufacturing service into one focused business objective: to provide their customers with the optimum manufacturing of industrial filtration solutions. European Filter Solutions Ltd can provide the full range of Eaton Filtration products.

Eaton Bag & Cartridge Filtration

Eaton’s bag filters and cartridge filters provide filter solutions for a wide range of applications:

  • Eaton Filter Bags

  • Eaton Filter Cartridges

  • Eaton Bag Housings

  • Eaton Cartridge Housings

Eaton Strainers and Baskets

Eaton provide a full range of strainers and baskets for a wide range of applications.

Automatic Self Cleaning

Eaton’s automatic self cleaning filters and pipeline strainers protect your valuable equipment from debris.

  • Mechanically cleaned filters

  • Tubular backwashing filters

  • High flow mechanically cleaned strainers

  • Model 2596 case and fabricated pipeline strainers

For more information regarding Eaton Filtration products, please contact us and also take a look on the download section of our website. Further information can also be found on the Eaton website.

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