Oil Mist Collectors

Oil mist recovery and air purification systems are extensively utilised in various industries including mechanical processing, machine tooling, semiconductor and electronics sectors, petrochemical and catering. These systems are designed to be quiet, compact, and energy-efficient, making them suitable for direct installation onto existing machinery. The incorporation of an oil mist collector can significantly enhance air quality and work efficiency in environments where oil mist is prevalent. Our filter systems are user-friendly, facilitating easy disassembly for maintenance and cleaning, helping to reduce costs associated with maintenance and consumables.

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Oil Mist Collector Benefits:

  1. Harmful substances such as oil mist can be produced during mechanical processing, polluting the surrounding air. Our industrial oil mist collectors can filter out these harmful substances and reduce air pollution.
  2. The use of industrial mist collectors can reduce the risk of workers being exposed to oil mist for a long time, avoiding respiratory diseases and other health issues.
  3. Our industrial oil mist collectors can reuse the recovered oil mist to reduce waste and energy consumption. Also they filter out solid particles and impurities in the oil mist, reducing the wear and damage of mechanical equipment, and prolonging its service life.

Our Oil Mist Collectors

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