Magnetic Filtration

European Filter Solutions is now a distributor for Eclipse Magnetics

Magnetic filtration is the most effective means of removing problem ferrous particles from industrial fluids such as coolants, lubricants and wash solutions. Eclipse Magnetic filters have the ability to remove almost all ferrous particles, including sub-micron particles from the process.

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  • Ensures compliance with metalworking fluid guidelines and health and safety laws

  • Reduces fluid contamination

  • Significantly lowers operating costs

  • Increases productivity

  • Reduces environmental impact

  • Outperforms other filters

Why Magnetic Filtration?

Magnetic filtration helps to maintain the quality of metalworking fluids by removing sub-micron particles and almost 100% of ferrous contamination. This ensures cleaner, longer lasting metalworking fluids and reduces contamination. The magnetic filters optimise fluid flow, achieving high flow rates and increasing agitation and flow of metalworking fluids.

The process ensures that metal fines and swarf are kept to a minimum, discouraging microorganism and microbial growth, along with the formation of noxious gases and volatile compounds. Because of the fewer metal fines, the need for biocides is reduced and this in turn reduces risk of dermatitis, cuts, abrasions and asthma in the workplace.

Magnetic filtration systems are ideal for either new build projects or they can be fitted to enhance existing filtration systems.

Magnetic filtration overview

Our Eclipse magnetic filtration systems are the ultimate in filtration technology, providing cost, quality and environmental benefits.

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Magnetic filtration extends fluid life by x10

Magnetic filters can remove particles smaller than one micron in size. These particles significantly affect the performance of fluids and also act as a focus for bacterial build-up.

Reduced usage of consumables

With efficient filtration capability, magnetic filters significantly reduce the burden on disposable items such as paper or cartridges, thereby reducing expenditure on replacements and expensive disposal costs. In some cases, it can remove the need for alternative filtration altogether.

Minimal fluid loss

Contamination is removed from the filter as a semi-dry ‘cake’. Fluid loss is considerably less than that of traditional filter media.

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Cleaning magnetic filtration

No disposal costs

The cake itself can be recycled, eliminating expensive specialist disposal costs.

Minimal running costs

Manually cleaned magnetic filters require no additional power. Magnetic self-cleaning filters only require a small amount of power for the cleaning process. Magnetic filters don’t require any consumable or replacement parts.

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Rapid return on investment

Magnetic filtration is perfect for cost reduction and continuous improvement programmes providing a rapid return on investment.

Ideal for 24/7 operation – Increase productivity

Fully automated magnetic filtration systems are ideal for continuous manufacturing lines.

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