Fluid Management Services

Metalworking fluids need to be correctly managed and controlled if you wish to gain best performance and reduce fluids costs.

Our team of experts will undertake testing of the fluids for you and submit a detailed report on their findings. They will then advise on corrective actions which will assist you in keeping you HSE compliant.

We can even carry out the corrective actions for you if required, ensuring confidence that they have been undertaken correctly.

Below are the tests that need to be carried out to ensure that your fluids meet HSE standards.

Test Required Frequency Required
Appearance and Odour Daily
Concentration Check Weekly
pH Check Weekly
Dirt and Fines Assessment Weekly
Test Required Frequency Required
Tramp Oil Levels Weekly
Microbes Minimum Weekly
Water Hardness Monthly
Corrosion Testing Monthly

Operating Temperature

A visual assessment of the machine sump and sample will give a good indication of fluid condition.


A refractometer is the ideal tool for shop floor checks on single sump machine, the reading should be sharp. If blurred, then there may be tramp oil or stability problems.

Dirt/Fines Levels

Dirt / Fines to be at minimal levels dependant on the application.

pH Measurement

pH gives a good indication of fluid condition.

  • Bacteria and fungi produce acids which reduce emulsion pH

  • A sharp drop in pH usually means an increase in bacteria levels

Tramp Oil

Current HSE Guidance states a maximum 2% volume for tramp oil.

Monitoring Microbial Contamination

Dip slides are cost effective and simple easy to use. They tell us the level of contamination so we can determine corrective action. HSE requires testing to be weekly minimum. (* can be extended)


To ensure machine and parts do not corrode.

Record Results & Actions

  • Keep good records
  • Simple charts can track result trends
  • Records should give history of recommendations and actions taken

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