Alfa Laval

Separators for Manufacturing Industries

European Filter Solutions is pleased to announce that it is now an official distributor for Alfa Laval, a leading global supplier of products and solutions for heat transfer, separation and fluid handling.

The Alfa Laval separation systems will allow us to pass on the benefits of unrivalled cutting fluid and gearbox oil cleaning, to a level you’ve never seen before. We can offer services which can make your industrial processes more sustainable through efficient separation. The Alfa Laval separators represent an outstandingly efficient solution to remove unwanted oil, water or particles.

Two products of real interest are the Alfie centrifugal separator, which removes contaminating oil, grease and solid particles from coolants used in industry, and the Emmie 2, a mobile centrifugal separator which removes particles from mechanisms such as gear oil used particularly in wind turbines.



  • Removes water, abrasive metal fines and other particles as small as 2 μm
  • Plug-and-play module for easy installation
  • No plant redesign required
  • Disc stack technology speeds up the separation process

Emmie 2


  • Installed in a bypass flow so no machinery alterations required
  • Plug-and-play operation
  • Requires no supervision once started
  • Disc stack separator provides rapid, simultaneous and continuous three-phase separation of water and particles

CNC Machine Cleaning

Maintaining a clean and healthy coolant system for your CNC machines is not only a legal requirement for health and safety, but it is also a very effective way to increase tool life, cutter speeds and machine life, helping you to keep employees safe and to increase profitability.

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Alfa Laval for Wind Farms

Separators from Alfa Laval can provide a more efficient, more sustainable and more cost-effective separation solution. Our separators can offer improved performance that’s suited to your specific needs, such as gearbox flushing in the wind industry, while reducing waste and improving sustainability. Alfa Laval separators are better for your business, and for the environment.

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