In The Beverage Industry, What Type of Cartridge Filters Are Used For Filtration?

There is strict regulation in the food and beverage world so both vendors and suppliers cannot afford to make cuts or take risks when choosing their products. A classic example of this is in the beverage industry where manufacturers are under huge pressure to match the criteria and deliver products that conform to the rules and regulations of filtration guidelines. Typical drinks, including beer, bottled water, and soft drinks are commonly up to 90% water which emphasizes the importance of quality filtration products. There are numerous options that are suitable for filter types including Eaton’s stainless steel cartridge housings, Eaton’s stainless steel multi-cartridge housings, our own AWSS elements, our own or Eaton’s membrane pleated elements (polypropylene),here is a quick run-through of some of them;

The Eaton’s Membrane Pleated Filter

Typically used in the filtration of the food industry, both drinking and mineral water, beverage, beer, wine, soft drinks, and fruit wine, this relatively new method of membrane separation technology is commonly used for sterilization and filtration purposes. As it can filter out most of the particles above 0.1μm (bacteria and gas), the high-quality polypropylene Eaton’s Membrane Pleated Filter is one of our best sellers and most reliable products.

Its convenience of use and user-friendly versatility provides strong resistance to both alkali and acid and contains a high capture capacity. This particular filter has a large filtration area, no peeling phenomenon, high mechanical strength, and optimum filtration accuracy as well as long service life so you get great value for money.

The Sand Core Filter

Often referred to as ‘The core rod filter’, our sand core filter option has been in water treatment for years and has proven an authentic and established product as part of the filtration equipment range. It comes into its own when there is a small amount of treated water but can be suited to larger quantities. It produces its best performance when the water contains specific impurities such as bacteria and organic matter for example.

The Activated Carbon Filter

European Filter Solutions is proud to be able to offer this sublime product which is highly effective in eliminating chlorine spores, bad taste and odour in water. The Activated Carbon Filter contains similarities in both layout and structure to the aforementioned sand filter. There is an element of turbidity removal on top of the adsorption effect found in activated carbon, which is also commonly known as carbon filtration. Whilst it is sometimes used for dechlorination purposes, activated carbon filtration’s usual function is predominantly molecular colloidal particles in water and organic impurities in water.

The Multi-media Filtration Equipment

This unique product ensures the water quality meets requirements for deep purification. It also enables the Sludge Density Index (SDI) to be reduced in order to reach the water standard required after coarse filtration. This is achieved as deeper in the filter media, the small particles are removed whilst larger particles are removed on the top layer.

The multi-media filter’s objective is to filter the particles of different particle sizes in the water according to the depth. The mechanical filtration equipment contains a bed of layered anthracite, sand, intricately divided garnet or other material combined to make up the multi-media filtration system.