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Beer Brewing Filter Bags From European Filter Solutions

At European Filter Solutions, we appreciate not just the time and effort that our clients put into professional beer production, storage and service, but we also understand the significance of filtration to taste. That is why we prioritise producing the very best filtration products across the industry so that our beer expert customers can have the peace of mind that their purchases will not let them down and will meet all beverage regulations. Eaton’s stainless steel bag housings and Eaton’s filter bags are available from European Filter Solutions amongst other high calibre products in this field.

Importance Of Beer Shelf Life

In beer brewing, it is crucial to strengthen the filtration using the correct and adequate processes to prevent the suspended matter from mixing with the beer itself. The shelf life of beer is pivotal and ensuring the beer does not change during storage comes down to chemical balance. Its appearance and taste are dictated by the beer filtration systems used, so the equipment and parts selected must be able to preserve the biological stability and non-biological stability of the liquid.

The Filter Bag

The closed filter system of which a beer brewing filter bag is typically composed can be separated into three key areas; Multi-bag type, single-bag type, and double-bag type. Once divided amongst these sections, the filter bag follows the simple principle of using pressure filtration for optimum results and efficient performance throughout the process.

Generally, the filter bag, filter basket, and filter housing are the main components that work together to form a successful filter device for brewing beer in this manner. Some brewers may need the additional extra of a moveable magnetic rod, depending on their on-site requirements.

Benefits Of Using The Magnetic Rod

Despite it being classified as an optional accessory in terms of the bag filter principles, many see the active magnetic rod as a vital component of the filtration process and would not be without it. The filter bag itself consists of several smaller rods, permanently in place in the centre of the filter bag. When you look at the advantages of using an active magnetic rod, it makes a compelling case for inclusion in your filtration operation;

  • It is very effective for removing impurities in tap water
  • Can also remove fine iron impurities
  • Protects the filter bag
  • Extends the service life of the filter bag.

Polypropylene Filter Bags

The use of polypropylene filter bags is common in the world of beer brewing for several reasons. The primary reason is that the flow distribution is uniform and the liquid is evenly distributed across the entire flat surface. This is achieved because the filter bag, supported by the filter basket receives the liquid at the top when filtering and it flows through seamlessly. This motion allows the liquid to get to the outside of the bag after entering from the inside whilst trapping the particulate impurities inside the filter bag. This ensures that when replacing the filter bag, no downstream liquid will be polluted or contaminated at all.