Oil Skimming Equipment

European Filter Solutions Ltd are master distributors of the C-Thru Separator, one of the most effective oil skimmers on the market today. The oil skimming equipment skims and removes more oil from metal working fluids than any other we’ve tested.

Not only does the C-Thru Separator remove tramp oil, but it also removes solid and liquid contamination, which helps to increase life and speeds of tooling for CNC machinery.

See the Oil Skimmer video below

Before tramp removal:

After tramp removal:

We provide our Oil Skimmer in the following options:

  • Air Pump
    WA0009 Air Pump

    Compressed air double diaphragm pump

  • Air Pump High Temperature
    Air pump high temperature

    Compressed air double diaphragm pump with parts suitable for high temperatures.


The Oil skimmer can be used in many applications, including:

  • CNC Mills

  • CNC Lathes

  • Grinders

  • Wash Systems

  • Dip Tanks

  • Mop Water reclaim

  • Evaporator hold tank

  • Coolant recycling tanks

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Download C-Thru Success Story Brochure
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