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Eclipse Magnetic Filtration

We are pleased to announce that European Filter Solutions is an official distributor for Eclipse Magnetics. We sell a range of magnetic filters to alleviate issues caused by problems with ferrous particulate.

Why Magnetic Filtration?

Metalworking fluid can deteriorate over time with contributory factors such as contamination by tramp oil, soluble metals, metal fines and microorganisms. As the composition of metalworking fluid deteriorates, skin and lung diseases can become prevalent in machine operators following contact with the fluid or inhalation of harmful fumes. The maintenance of metalworking fluid (MWF) is pivotal in preventing ill health in machine workshops. Having the right filtration system can play a major role in minimising bacterial growth as well as reducing cuts and abrasions.

Magnetic filtration helps to maintain the quality of metalworking fluids by removing sub-micron particles and almost 100% of ferrous contamination. This ensures cleaner, longer lasting metalworking fluids and reduces contamination. The magnetic filters optimise fluid flow, achieving high flow rates and increasing agitation and flow of metalworking fluids.

The process ensures that metal fines and swarf are kept to a minimum, discouraging microorganism and microbial growth, along with the formation of noxious gases and volatile compounds.

Because of the fewer metal fines, the need for biocides is reduced and this in turn reduces risk of dermatitis, cuts, abrasions and asthma in the workplace.

Does this process make my business compliant?

Employers are required to carry out a suitable and sufficient risk assessment for those exposed to metalworking fluid. This must identify the measures required to ensure that exposure is either prevented or adequately controlled, i.e., kept to a minimum. Use of magnetic filtration ensures compliance with metalworking fluid guidelines and health and safety laws. The process is also referenced in the “MW5 managing Fluid Quality” document from HSE and The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002 (COSHH).

Our manual magnetic filters come with tools to minimise contact which reduces risks while cleaning machines. Larger units are automated reducing risk of contact even more.

Industries using magnetic filtration include: Automotive, Bearings, Wash Systems, Steel Processing, Machine Tool OEMs and Tool Cutting.

Reduced waste

Another advantage of magnetic filtration is reduced environmental impact and the ability to be able to recycle rather than dispose of ferrous particles. The process uses no consumable or disposable products. It extracts a large proportion of ferrous contamination, drastically reducing the use of disposable filter media. Less fluid is used as the effectiveness of the fluid is maintained for longer.

For more information on our magnetic filters, such as Micromag, Filtramag, Autofiltrex and Automag, call us on 01709 877400