Alfa Laval Emmie 2

6 affordable ways to save with cleaner oils

Centrifugal separators have long been a method of cleaning oil that was only available to companies with large oil tanks and deep pockets. The Alfa Laval Emmie 2 is making this a thing of the past.

How the Alfa Laval Emmie 2 works

This smart centrifugal separator is able to effectively remove water and solid particles from many different types of oils. This includes common types like hydraulic or lubricating oil, compressor or gear oil, and cutting or diesel oil.

But why should your business be considering an investment in such a device? Here are 6 reasons we can think of without trying too hard.

1) You’re going to save yourself time, money and headaches

Devices like the Alfa Laval Emmie 2 are going to make your life easier from day one. They exist to keep your machines running at their optimum efficiency without issues. How do they do this?

  • They will increase your machine’s uptime
  • Reduce wear and tear
  • Lessen clogging & corrosion
  • Decrease oil consumption
  • Reduce disposal costs
  • Reduce cost for filters

All of these are big positives when you’re trying to run a business. Most of them feed into the remaining points. They all mean you have to spend less money and time worrying whilst production continues. Perfect!

2) Speed, convenience and ease

Using this oil cleaner is extremely convenient and quick. It is lightweight, compact and comes on wheels. This means it is easy to move around your business. We tend to find this means people actually use the device, so your business can benefit from the savings mentioned above.

Probably the biggest reason we’ve found people use the Emmie 2 is that it is so easy to use. The equipment is simple and effortless to operate thanks to a PLC-based control panel.

It takes only a minute to connect the Emmie 2 to the oil tank. From there you are able to let the system clean the oil without supervision. This leaves you time to get on with another job that is going to earn you money, whilst Emmie 2 saves it for you.

3) Up to any size job

It’s a good job the Emmie 2 is so convenient and portable to use because it’s up to any job.

This small but mighty device is ready to service several tanks or just one. Regardless, it’s going to pay for itself in no time.

Perhaps more importantly, all these benefits exist for companies that use smaller oil tanks, so any business can take advantage of these benefits.

4) It’s effective and stops your service problems

Using this highly effective system is going to solve many service headaches you face.

Let’s dig a little deeper into how the Alfa Laval Emmie 2 is able to offer such amazing benefits to your business.

By removing more than 99% of all solid particles between 2 and 5 μm from oil, and virtually all of the water but none of the additives, the Emmie 2 ensures your machines are running as the manufacturer intended.

These particles build up over time, which is why using a device like this should be a part of your regular operations. Failure to do so is only costing you money, even if skipping a clean feels like it’s saving time.

Furthermore, it effectively separates airborne dust and undesirable particles from wear on paint, metal, plastic or rubber components from the oil. It also removes water that can cause additives to oxidate and decompose.

5) Reliability and increased production time

It is probably your worst nightmare arriving at work to find your machines are not producing to a passable quality. It’s unthinkable that they could be out of action altogether.

Ensuring you always have clean oils reduces the risk of this happening. The Emmie 2 is going to raise productivity by keeping your system running smoothly, at full capacity and without issue.

Cleaner oils will mean a longer lifespan as well as an extended service life for your oils. This is especially true for longer production runs.

Cleaner oils will mean fewer breakdowns due to solid particles clogging pumps and other equipment. These can be far more expensive to sort once they’ve happened when it’s easy to keep your machine clean and reliable. Fewer stops for tank cleaning sounds great, right?

Just imagine the savings you are going to be able to make on oil and filter replacement and disposal – as well as the savings on replacing valves, pumps and other components.

alfa laval emmie 2 reliability

6) Return on investment

That leads us to our final point nicely. In case you haven’t guessed already, the Emmie 2 is going to be one of the best investments you can make. The fact it is so affordable, with the savings and benefits it can help you realise, makes it an easy investment.

We know this from experience and seeing how it has helped our customers. We’ve had businesses repeatedly report to us that the Alfa Laval Emmie 2 has paid for itself in under a year. From that point on, the savings it generates all go straight to the bottom line.

We’re thinking you’d probably like to get in on that.

Time to invest in an Alfa Laval Emmie 2?

In case you haven’t worked it out by now, the Emmie 2 from Alfa Laval makes highly efficient cleaning affordable for any size company. It really is no wonder so many businesses are choosing to invest in this mobile centrifugal separator.

Stop imagining and start realising the savings that you can get by prolonging the service life of your oil. A single, easy operation is all it takes to increase uptime, reduce equipment wear and corrosion, and lower your costs.

The Emmie 2 will be paying for itself in no time. You can get your Emmie 2 today from European Filter Solutions by contacting us on +44(0)1709 877400 or email You can also download the full Emmie 2 information sheet here