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Vacuum Dehydrator

As its name suggests, a Vacuum Dehydrator is a machined designed to remove water and other contaminants from hydraulic, gear or compressor oils. It can be attached to an online or offline system in order to remove emulsified and dissolved water in an efficient and reliable way.

It works by heating up the oil and raising a vacuum. As the temperature rises while the vacuum is being drawn, the water flashes to steam, but at a temperature which is still low enough not to cause thermal breakdown of the oil.

A correct balance of vacuum and temperature will remove water and gases from the oil. Once this has been achieved, the vacuum dehydrator can continue to remove all particles.

Water as a contaminant exists in different forms and it can be catastrophic to a hydraulic system if it is not removed.

Dissolved water

This is water that has been dissolved in oil and thus cannot be seen.

Free water

This is water appearing in oil in a separated form.

Emulsified water

This is where water has blended with hydraulic oil

The effects of such contaminants in hydraulic systems include:

  • Corroding surfaces
  • Reduced filter lifespans
  • Locking of valves
  • Increased wear of parts
  • Silting of valves
  • Reduced lifespan of the system

The process of vacuum hydration removes the three types of water contaminants; dissolved, free and emulsified water. It extends fluid use life which ultimately increases productivity and reduces operating costs.

Typical applications include:

  • Power generation
  • Pulp and paper
  • Marine
  • Steel Mills
  • Injection Moulding

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