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Filters for Land & Offshore Wind Farms Industry

European Filter Solutions Ltd are able to provide specialist services to the Land and Offshore Wind Farm industry. We can work with you to specify the right filters to prevent contaminants reducing the productivity of the gears and bearings, as well as oil analysis to see how effective the current filters are.

The filter element in a wind turbine is one of the most critical elements as without it the turbine will seize up and an expensive repair will be required, often in a very hostile environment.

One of the most frequent causes of wind turbine break downs comes from the gearbox becoming contaminated with impurities, that the right filter and oil analysis would have stopped.

We can work with you to specify or identify the right filters for your turbines and have them here in the UK ready to go. Which in turn will increase the efficiency of the turbines and reduce down time.

Land Wind Farm

Our capabilities include

  • Filter identification and specification
  • Oil analysis
  • Supply of original & upgrade filters
  • Supply of alternative filters

Our Expertise

  • Comprehensive technical support and site surveys.
  • Trouble shooting to identify problems and possible areas for improvement.
  • Stockholding to suit our customers individual needs.
  • Regular stock audits.

For more information regarding Filters for Land & Offshore Wind Farms Industry please call +44 (0) 1709 877400 or contact us.

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